Friday, February 24, 2012

49th Shelf: A Happy Day for Book Lovers (Also: Bad Job Books!)

So a great new site called 49th Shelf has officially launched and is already content-rich for your reading pleasure. The site is run by Kerry Clare and Julie Wilson, of Pickle Me This and Book Madam fame (respectively) and describes itself as "the one-of-a-kind resource for discovering, discussing, and indulging in Canadian books." What more could you want?

Annnnd they asked me to contribute to their themed reading lists section! In honour of the many bad jobs I've had over the years (man who threw a glass at my head while I was tending bar, I'm looking at you), I compiled a list of books with characters who had really rotten employment situations.

Check out my list of bad job books -- it'll make you feel better about yours! Plus they are all amazing books in their own right and absolutely worth reading (or re-reading).

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Crissy Campbell said...

Thanks for posting about 49th Shelf, Grace. Looking forward to your novel this spring!